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episode #88 a history of alcohol

Evidence of intentionally fermented beverages exist in the form of jugs dated as early as the Neolithic period (c. 10,000 BCE) when a fermented drink was produced from honey and wild yeasts, and so mead is a grandfather of all fermented alcoholic drinks. Grapevines were being cultivated for the purpose of making wine in the… Continue reading episode #88 a history of alcohol

A new TtBLG schedule

A new year brings changes. Wirral Wave community radio has a few new shows. The owners have also looked at the schedules and made a few changes. The radio station has now have over 25 programmes going out 24/7 which is fantastic. Thus, the radio midnight show Through the Bohemian Looking Glass is aired Sunday, Tuesday and Friday… Continue reading A new TtBLG schedule

episode #87 move your body

The most famous oracle of all time, Nostradamus, (Michel de Nostradame) predicted various misfortunes for the year that has just begun. “Great calamities of blood and hunger”, begins the page dedicated to the year 2022. “No abbots, monks, no novices to learn; Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax” “So high the price of wheat, That… Continue reading episode #87 move your body

episode #86 drifting

To drift comes from Middle English, drove, herd, act of driving; Meaning Something moving along in a current of air or water: a drift of logs in the river, a balloon drifting eastward; as the wreckage drifted toward shore. “The leaves were blowing in the wind”; “the boat drifted on the lake”; “The sailboat was… Continue reading episode #86 drifting

episode #85 memory of Christmas

In 1920s Christmas was described as “The elevating aroma of Christmas trees lingers in the air, whilst wreaths glisten and lights twinkle as a warm glow emanates from houses filled with stockings, candles, toys, good food and the hope of Father Christmas.” Christmas traditions are a mixture of centuries and countries customs all woven together… Continue reading episode #85 memory of Christmas

episode #84 lost in sand

Magazine Village in Wallasey gets its name from the time when it was used to store gunpowder from the sailing ships entering the Mersey for their stay in the Port of Liverpool. Dawpool has been a thriving harbour lying between Caldy and Thurstaston in the 18th century. Its prominence dates from the time when it… Continue reading episode #84 lost in sand

episode #83 lidos

Hoylake’s bath on the promenade opened in June 1913 and was refurbished in the late 1920s, and re-opened in 1931. In 1976 the council closed Hoylake Baths after the site suffered storm damage but it was reopened by Hoylake Pool Trust. A run of bad weather and a lack of funding saw the baths closed… Continue reading episode #83 lidos

episode #82 treasures of Wirral

Hoylake the name Hoylake was derived from Hoyle Lake West Kirby “Kirby” is an old Norse (Viking) name, meaning ‘church-town’ originally Kirkjubyr, meaning ‘village with a church’. The form with the modifier “West” exists to distinguish it from the other town of the same name in Wirral: Kirkby-in-Walea (now the modern town of Wallasey).  Port… Continue reading episode #82 treasures of Wirral

Instagram account termination

Through the Bohemian Looking Glass Instagram account is going to be deleted on 26th December 2021. Veronika has decided to boycott social media platforms until a safer environment for users is provided. If you are wishing to reach her write an email veronika (at) ms eclectic mind (dot) eu. Her personal account is still working… Continue reading Instagram account termination


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