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episode #63 female figures

Stories have been told that have entered the cultural heritage of a people about females figures. “Women are the Symbol of Life. The Maker of Unconditional Love. A woman is both Soft and Powerful. Practical and Spiritual. A Woman in her Essence is a Gift to the World. A Symbol of Strength and Freedom.” Some… Continue reading episode #63 female figures

SoundCloud loaded

Another good news! SoundCloud is loaded with TtBLG episodes #50 golden times, #52 wonders of the world, and #54 Platonic love. Veronika truly caught up with time and theoretical duties towards TtBLG listeners. She was not enjoying the sun sitting in a garden and listening the birds song. Unfortunately, she was kept awake by mew… Continue reading SoundCloud loaded

Website & IG up to date

A month passed in a second. Impossible has happened because Veronika finally found time and energy to update the website as well as IG.  Life is filled with unpredictable events that are changing plans. Constantly as much as we would like to be ready for everything and anything, we remain in silent surprise or shock. Yet… Continue reading Website & IG up to date

episode #61 month of July

July is the seventh month of the year (between June and August) in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. July was originally the month of Quintilis in the Roman calendar. It was the fifth month of the year until January and February were added in 450 BCE. Historical names Roman: Quintilis  Saxon: Litha  Germanic: Heu-mond (Hay… Continue reading episode #61 month of July

episode #60 summer solstice

Spoken word Lightnin’ Rod: The Cafe Black Rose Music The Quantic Soul Orchestra: Tropidelico Deee-Lite: Picnic In The Summertime Bag Raiders: Sunlight Barry White: My Sweet Summer Suite Little Dragon: Summertearz Lana Del Ray: Summertime Sadness The Good, The Bad & The Queen: Behind the Sun Santana: Life Is a Lady/ Holiday Beastie Boys: In… Continue reading episode #60 summer solstice

episode #59 flora in June

Spoken word Edgar Allan Poe: Dream-Land read by Jerome McGann Music Gorillaz: Some Kind Of Nature Milez Benjinam: Chop That Wood Bossa Bossa: Aquarela Do Brasil Stelvio Cipriani: Papaya (Colonna sonora del film ”La polizia ha le mani legate”) Diana Coupland: Under the Mango Tree The Cinematic Orchestra: Horizon Thelonious Monk: Honysuckle Rose Louis Armstrong… Continue reading episode #59 flora in June

episode #58 fauna in June

Gardens are overflowing with life at the moment. All the shrubs, bushes, trees and flower beds have exploded and are getting out of control. There’s a lot of bird activity in the garden, busy parents and greedy youngsters are up from early mornings. Nature in June is divine. Spoken word William Blake: The Birds read by… Continue reading episode #58 fauna in June

episode #57 month of June

Nature is booming and animals happily multiplying. June is about vivacity and colourfulness of life. June is about the beginning of astronomical summer, summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and midsummer night celebration. William Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream The course of true love never did run smooth. Lysander, Act I I know a bank where… Continue reading episode #57 month of June


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