the first attempts & errors

New schedule. 08/05

May is coming and brings new episodes airing times modification. Veronika needs to get involved in more productive activities. Change of daily rutine is predictable and inevitable. Lazy, calm and blissful uncontrolled chaos comes to the end. 

TtBLG is going to be aired only on Fridays (Saturdays) midnights and repeated the following Fridays (Saturdays) midnights. In this manner, every other Friday (Saturday) midnight a new show.

Sharing on SoundCloud after each episode repetition for a month and three episode in the same time.

Sessions repeat. 26/04

Veronika spent some hours researching and observing, looking for a space where to share aired episodes. The TtBLG is a voluntary activity and the main aim is to learn something new and share thoughts with a few wandering souls, friendly fellows and the ones randomly passing by, thus ‘everything’ is temporary. In other words, if you like to hear any episode again you can do so on SoundCloud. Nowadays, episode #1 (will be replaced in a week time), #2 (in two weeks) and #3 (three weeks) are shared. Every session should be available for a month. 

Any special request – just ask!

Episode #6. 01/05

After pleasant discoveries of he Nordic waves in episode #5 came relaxing intention of preparing an easy-going session. Veronika asked her a long-term friend aka Jerome Austin for a help. He has shared few of his sets. The whole process seemed as winning! In other words, the best time to try something new. Garage Band. The application is much more ‘fun’ and somehow more professional (if someone so amateurish and clumsy as  Veronika can state so). 

Technical complication arrived at the end. Corrupted file, the one and only from many. Typical! The show must go on! Episode #6 will be repeated on midnight 08/05.        

Pandemic help. 16/04

Almost a month of social distancing brings many ideas, calls and activities to help yourself as well as others. Society is questioning values, lives and desires. The health enquiries are the most important nowadays. DoES Liverpool came with a brilliant idea to help with basic protection supplies for hospitals around the North West. 

You can donate, or be activly involved. DoES is looking for  volunteers in a number of support roles including: finance, comms, PR, and project management.

Every little helps!

The Nordic. 30/04

New photos in gallery are added taken by Anthony W. Poldervaart during his stay in Scandinavia. 

Veronika has not been in that area, thus help was needed because her wish to keep everything in balance and according to the plan. One day, when the borders opens again, she takes some momentary pictures of the light and dark game by her own. 

Episode #5 was truly entertaining. Great musician, mostly multi-instrumentalists and the marvellous  lavishing melodies. There are not probably more relaxing tunes than the nordic ones (at least for the author nowadays).

Episode #3. 10/04

Preparation started to be quicker process. Ideas crystallising smoothly and continuously. Learning in progress. Hence time of satisfaction nowhere. Undoubtedly everything is about available technology! Which Veronika posses not. Only the basics. 

Luckily she was inspired  by ideas of improvement and possible ways how to set the mechanics of recording including background noise and probably change of application. Furthermore,  an interpreter accompanied her through the radio show creation and listen Veronika’s wishes and goals, this collaboration led to play with sounds levels and equalisation.

Episode #2. 02/04

The lay-wo-man was once again driven to despair after recording the TtBLG show. Another recording, another time and the same sound levels frustration. Online help did not help. The online university free music recording had no impact. Frustration exchanged annoyance which transformed into a will to learn more. Episode #2 was of the same disharmony as episode #1 followed by boosting voice level and creating the background noice once again.

Veronika’s decision to delay SoundCloud sharing became the only possible solution. 

New schedule. 28/03

Social distancing came around and brought a blissful time of isolation. Amanda and Paul, owners of the Wirral Wave, have change radio show schedule. Veronika’s every-other-Friday-midnight show was set as every-Friday-midnight. She was shocked and pleased in the same time. Unsurprisingly with no progress nor deepened experiences she shaped lineup of episode #2 and again got annoyed with incapability to adjust her voice, unable to find out how to adjust sounds levels. How frustrating! Her idea to share the TtBLG show on SoundCloud completely destroyed, in other words, postponed. side

WebSite. 23/03

The fist episode was out. Virus spreading around the UK. Time to think how to promote the TtBLG radio show. FB was not an option for personal reasons and more. IG still acceptable due to its no-FB involvement history many years ago. Veronika’s enthusiasm and determination to share her interchange of thoughts and ideas of her consciousness and daydreaming was (and is) never-ending because is based on motivation and anticipation. Ms Eclectic Mind is her lifetime project… which will never be developed to perfection due the continuous learning and discovering.

The first episode. 21/03

After more than ten hours of attempt and installing also desktop version, Veronika has recorded the first TtBLG radio show ‘the Bohemian origin’ dedicated to the Czech Republic. She was both pleased and very unhappy with the result. She was very dissatisfied by the background sound when her voice level was enhanced. Sound of her soft person in disharmony with the music caused constant inner discussion ‘It has to be possible to balance my voice with the tunes!’. Hence, the first spring midnight came as well as the first episode of the radio show called ‘Through the Bohemian Looking Glass’.

First steps. 28/02

Veronika met few times Paul, the Wirral Wave Radio co-owner. Introductory to the new world has been given to her. Music recording advices and applications has been shown and the first experiments with WavePad has started. At a first glance the application seemed easy and user-friendly. And it was simple and basic.

Why not to try it the more adventurous way and record session via smartphone application! She did it! Spent many hours try to figure out how and when to use which function. It was very entertaining novice step.

Blank page. 21/02

It all begins with an idea. Veronika’s aim is to tell everything about and around TtBLG exactly as she remembers. She might have some technological experiences, naive ideas about broadcasting and logically high expectations. Anticipation is the magical feeling and energy behind all her actions. 

Has she ever wanted to speak on public and be seen? No, she never had such an intentions. She just like words and tunes. She does not mind if you listen or not. She believes that words are magic!