episode #11 Ennio Morricone

Spoken Word

The Untouchables: ‘Enthusiasm’


The good, The Bag And The Ugly: The Ecstasy Of Gold

Once Upon a Time in the West: The Man with Harmonica 

Once Upon a Time in America: Cockeye’s Theme

For a few Dollars More: Theme

The Professional: Il Vento, Il Grido

The Untouchables: The Strength Of The Righteous

Libera, My Love (Libera, amore mio): Estate 1943

Arabian Nights (Il fiore delle mille e una notte): Tema Di Dunja

1900 aka Novecento, i.e. ‘Twentieth Century’: Romanzo

Lovers and Liars: Viaggio Con Anita

Django Unchained: Ancora Qui

The Mission: A Rose Among Thorns

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