episode #13 rhymes

Spoken Word

Gill Scott-Heron: Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Cypress Hill: The Only Way

KLF: 3 A.M. Eternal

Run DMC: Rock Box

Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)

N.E.R.D.: Hypnotize U

Estelle: More Than Friends

Caro Emerald: Tangled Up

Silent Poets: The Children Of The Future

The Internet: Ode To A Dream (feat. Kilo Kish & Coco O.)

Morcheeba: Finally Find You

Beasties Boys: Ricky’s Theme


This side of the earth don’t forgive – Chew you up spit you out like legal bill and stung like hell

Hunt your ass down to the graveyard hell. Sometimes I think about the only way. That I’ll ever see life beyond… 

[Cypress Hill]

This is Radio Freedom – Eternal – Are you ready?


So listen to this because it can’t be missed – And you can’t leave til you’re dismissed

You can do anything that you want to – But you can’t leave until we’re through

So relax your body and your mind – And listen to us say this rhyme

[Run DMC]

I ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad – I got sunshine, in a bag – I’m useless, but not for long – The future is coming on


I’m your doctor, this is you therapy. Your money’s no good just take care of me

I found a issue, you my soldier type – But all that can change lets get loose tonight


Don’t act like I’m trying press you.- It’s just you know. – It’s obvious, it’s all there, like – What you waiting for

Stop pretending


I took the perfect avenue – Down the road to both of you

Did I go Dutch? – This is too much!

With all the money in the world – You could never buy this girl

Quite enough – It will be tough

[Caro Emerald]

Ran out of all the meaning – I ran out of – It’s hard to fall believing

I find my own completeness – The darkness and the weakness – The light, the fight, the quietness

[Silent Poets]

Come fly with me, way down below – And scream silently in the undertows

It’s society that makes it hard to sleep – I close my eyes but I still see

[The Internet]

I came here to be – It was too dark for me to see – What should come so naturally

In a world of reaction – Feeling is but an abstraction, but I – Finally found you

A ray of light through a fog that – Had long obscured my view – I’m so free I could disappear


Some voices got treble, some voices got bass, We got the kind of voices that are in your face!

“No one really knows what I’m talkin’ about, And yeah that’s right, …

[Beastie Boys]

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