episode #15 summer dream

Spoken Word

Footloose (1984)


Moby: Feeling So Real

Groove Armanda: Groove Is On

Towa Tei: Higher

Chromeo: Bonafied Lovin’ 

Moloko: Sing It Back

Jamiroquai: Love Foolosophy

Freak Power: Let It Go

Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

N.E.R.D.: Love Bomb

Hot Chip: Dark Night

Bag Raiders: Way Back Home


Sound system rocking – I’m feeling so real – Here we go

I’m feeling so real – Set it up DJ – Take me away


Moving closer to me – As if the groove is on, I’m a-spit my flow 

Tripping lights fantastic, disco show 

Get the mofo back in the bliss patrol – And not worry about friends or foe, oh

As if the life is slow when the groove is on – Watch prints take shape in the music form 

Anything I’m on hot now, it’s the music you want 

[Groove Armanda]

This is not a test! – Come on everybody, it’s time to party! – Just grab somebody, anybody – Join the party

Groove to the sound – Feel the rhythm – Come on, get down – You can do it – Just lift me up and take me higher

Are you in the mood to go on a ride?

Get lifted by the sound – That blows your mind, gets you high – Don’t miss the beat

Or you’ll be left behind – While the rest of us – Ride on the groove night

[Towa Tei]

What you need is a sweet caress – Everybody wanna talk too much – But what you need is a special touch

I might as well take a minute or two to talk about the perks – ‘Cause you can’t compete with a someone like me, and that’s just how it works

Have dinner with the candlelight – And really when it gets down to it, pick a someone that’s down to fight


Can I control this empty delusion? – Lost in the fire below – And you come running your eyes will be open

And when you come back, I’ll be as you want me – My little song will keep you beside me

No, you can’t help it if you have been tempted – By fruit hanging ripe on the tree

If you desire to lay here beside me – Come to my sweet melody


When this love, foolosophy is killing – Previous illusions that (I’m a love fool)

I had in my mind about you – Seems so true, all the lies you’re telling

Tragically compelling and – My love, it means nothing to you – So maybe I’m still a love fool

I don’t want the world I want you


There ain’t no escaping – To let it go – It’s a fundamental thing, let it flow

Well there clouds around me, all around – Clouds and I can see your warning – Here comes that one final fight

Sometimes theres times yo gotta go – Let it flow away – Like a desert stream

[Freak Power]

To the dark dark seas – Comes the only whale – Watching ships go by

It’s the day we try – If they hold you – On a really hot day

When the call got made – You’ve gone away


I believe, even without a clue – You’ve got sunlight – And it can be your guide

No more political dreams – Not another excuse

Don’t need another love song when you the love bomb – To just blow us away – To freakin’ blow the lights out

Turning night to day – Hear it from miles away – Just to make it right now – We gotta save some lights now

Is that OK?


You’re my daydream – Twilight finds me every time – Under the sun

I can’t help feeling this is wrong – Don’t say a word – I don’t think they’d understand

I’m calling for an angel – To bring me a dark night, to bind me

In my daydreams, darkness finds me – It takes me somewhere I need to be

If you can’t see me – At least you can feel me

If I don’t get to see you – At least I can feel you

[Hot Chip]

Rain pours down over a city

Night has fallen like a stone – Are you gone or are you with me? – In my heart I’ll never know

If I close my eyes I’ll see you. – In my dream I’ll never find you – Trying to keep from looking back

Got your sense on something passing – And it sends me off my track

Do I find you will I follow – To forever and a day – I can feel you in the distance – But you seem so far away

What if I just can’t find my way back home 

[Bag Raiders]

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