episode #17 café latino

Spoken Word

Odi Gonzales: Umantuu, (Spanish and Quechua), from the book Tunupa/ El libro de las sirenas [Tununpa: The Book of the Sirens], 2002


Friends from Rio 2 feat. Celia Vaz: Escravos Do Jo

Quincy Jones: Ai No Corrida

Steve Parks: Sadness in My Samba

Jose Carretas feat. Zeep: memories

Mr. Scruff: Get a Move On

Barrio Jazz Gang: Safe Under the Sun

Reverie: In Every Way

Gabin: Into My Soul

Basement Jaxx: Broken Dreams

Ella Fitzgerald: Desafinado (Slightly Out Of tune)

Buena Vista Social Club: Murmullo


I hold you, I touch you – In a maze can’t find my way

Pinch me, I’m dreaming – I’m drowning, don’t save me – It’s just the way I’d like to go

You thrill me, half kill me – That’s what you do

Before my heart saw you – Each day was just another day – Night, the lonely interlude – Just came, then blew away… come what may

[Quincy Jones]

A love so close to nature came to me – a fragrance so sweet fill the air – feelings I have regret never stood a chance – a bitter sadness in my samba

[Steve Parks]

You better keep moving – Or you’ll be left behind – Keep moving

[Mr Scruff]

More then never we should be as one stay together – every day and again… make it better, safe under the sun – now and forever in a different world

[Barrio Jazz Gang]

You fall free style… down from the sky – I’ve been waiting… leap into my arms… dive into my soul… jump into my heart

Does it have to start right now – When you were almost ready – To leap from the sky down to me

Throwing your future into the wind, fearless… leap down from the sky – Down here by my side

You know that I’ve been waiting


I’ll tell you how my day has been – How the sun has caught my face – How I lull myself to sleep

Waving shadows on my face – Chasing dreams that just passed by – Broken dreams, I’m just too late

If only you could keep me warm – If only you could keep me from harm – If only you could

[Basement Jaxx]

Love is like a never-ending melody – Always have compared it to a symphony

A symphony conducted by the lighting of the moon – But our song of love is slightly out of tune Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch

Now the orchestration doesn’t seem so rich – Seems to me you’ve changed the tune we used to sing

Like the bossa nova, love should swing We used to harmonise, two souls in perfect time – Now the song is different and the words don’t even rhyme

Cause you forgot the melody our hearts would always croon – So what good’s a heart that’s slightly out of tune

Tune your heart to mine the way it used to be – Join with me in harmony and sing a song of loving

We’ve got to get in tune again before too long There’ll be no desafinado – When your heart belongs to me completely

Then you won’t be slightly out of tune – You’ll sing along with me

[Ella Fitzgerald]

Hay un suave murmullo/ There is a soft murmur  – En el silencio de una noche azul/ In the silence of a blue night

Son dos enamorados/ Two lovers – Que encantados gozan del amor/ How delighted they enjoy love

Y ríe la vida/ And life laughs – Y que dice así/ What does it say

Y ríe la luna/ And the moon laughs – Y que dice así/ What does it say

[Buena Vista Social Club]

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