episode #24 power game

Spoken Word

Dylan Thomas: Do not go gentle into that good night, read by Michael Sheen, Ioan Gruffudd, Alex Jones, Rhys Ifans, Charlotte Church


Gorillaz (feat. Jehnny Beth): We Got The Power

Beastie Boys: Sabotage

Rage Against The Machine: Killing in the Name

IAM: Dangereux

Massive Attack: False Flags

Madonna: Let It Will Be

Lana Del Rey: Money Power Glory

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Time Of The Assassins

The Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Roots Manuva): A Caged Bird/ Imitations of Life

Nostalgia 77: Beautiful Lie

Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch: Deer Meadow Shuffle


We got the power to be ringing the great bell out there above us – My dreams don’t know fear – I got my heart full of hope

I will change everything – No matter what I’m told

How impossible it seems (we got the power) – We did it before – And we’ll do it again

We’re indestructible – Even when we’re tired  – Get yourself up to the silent altar and call me

But don’t forget the machines – Because if your choice is chipping it down on the M1 (1, 1, 1)

Then you’ll wake up in the morning – You’ll be storming


Some of those that work forces  – Are the same that burn crosses

Those who died are justified – For wearing the badge – They’re the chosen whites

[Rage Against The Machine]

Modern times come talk me down – And battle lines are drawn across this town

Parisian boys without your names – Ghetto stones instead of chains – Talk them down cause it’s up in flames

Riot like 1968 again – The days of rage, nothing’s changed – Well pretty flames

In school I would just bite my tongue – And now your words they strike me down

The flags are false and they contradict – They point and click which wounds to lick

On avenues this Christian breeze – Turns its heart to more needles please

English boys without your names – Ghetto stones instead of chains – Hearts and minds and U.S. planes

Riot like the 1980’s again – The days of rage, nothing’s changed – More pretty flames

[Massive Attack]

I AM dangerous – I put the verb on a piece of paper – Compose texts and chant them,  my tongue is untied 

My crime is to speak loudly – Relate what my colleagues will never express into a microphone 

The camps are marked, we are simple voters – But nothing prevents bringing more terror in their mistakes 


Now I can tell you – About success, about fame – About the rise and the fall – Of all the stars in the sky

About the place I belong – You know it won’t last long – And all those lights they will turn down

Now I can see things – For what they are really are – I guess I’m not that far – I’m at the point of no return – Just watch me burn

Don’t it make you smile? – Let, it will be


I want money, power and glory – I want money and all your power, all your glory

The sun also rises on those who fail to call – My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls

[Lana Del Rey]

In the time of the assassins they say “Hallelujah” – It doesn’t take a miracle to raise a heart from the dead

I sift through the ash – I look for a sign – I open the wound – That keeps me in line

The shoulder that turn – The flame that goes out – The chapter I close – There’s no point to it now

It doesn’t take a miracle to raise a heart from the dead – And can something changed 

And still feel the same – The beginning’s the end – I start all over again

[Charlotte Gainsbourg]

Artists in the ground found an infusionary – Fought man linguistic scanter – Helpless in the entity

See the caged bird – At the bosom of the angry short fall – One finds a fistful – All engaging

Perfection is in that non perfection, and – I see queen, I see king, I see king, I see queen, well

None of you know my king domanium – Last chance to attract it – Last chance to retract it

Why would you hide from yourself – Belief is here to find you

I pick up my foot and do those things – Improve thyself, improve with things

I thank you for the healing in – Wings of meditation – Situation is strange to us – Stranger things are claiming us 

[The Cinematic Orchestra]

Lie lie lie lie lie

Beautiful forgetting – Memories – You flee the trees – Like fickle leaves – With nothing more to say

You don’t need to run away –  Or be afraid – You don’t need to be brave – To stay

You flee the mind in a tear – To the weir downstream – Then you dry like a photograph

Lie lie lie lie lie

[Nostalgia 77]

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