episode #25 vibe electric

Spoken Word

William Wordsworth: “The World Is Too Much with Us”, read by Angela Lansbury


Röyksopp: You Don’t Have a Clue

Felix Da Housecat: Monkey Cage

Gorillaz(feat.D.R.A.M.): Andromeda

Daft Punk: Around the World

DJ Shadowfeat.G Jones&Bleep Bloop: Pitter Patter

Little Dragon: When I Go Out

Underworld: Dark & Long

Massive Attack: Splitting the Atom

Kraftwerk: Neon Lights


It’s late in the night, dancing is done – The music has died, you’re ready to run – But you don’t have a clue

This party hasn’t ended yet not for me and you – Now you’re just pretending – You’re hiding from yourself

Yes you are,… – Like golden rays of sun in the cloud – We’re meant to be one, I know we are

If I am the sky then you are my star –  you don’t have a clue – This party never ended not for me and you

Like golden rays of sun in the cloud – I will make you see – Haven’t you got it yet?

Just lay down for a while next to me – Didn’t mean to make you panic – I didn’t mean to put you off

It’s the way that you’ve got me – I listen to my heart and it takes you high 


Why do you worry?  – Why does it mean so much to you?  – Whatever the reason  – Close your eyes now 

What do you carry?  – What do you think is best for you? – Wherever you’re going  – You’ll always be the same I pray 

Have you ever seen that place  – Have you ever been to monkey cage? – Why does it have to fade 

And I wanted you to stay – How do you judge me  – How can you put your self aside 

Wherever you’re hiding  – You’ll always think of me I pray  – Said you’ll never stray away  – When I’m high 

[Felix Da Housecat]

When the passing looks to die for – Take it in your heart now, lover

When the case is out – And tired and sodden – Take it in your heart – Back to when it was cool – Because there’s no substitute

Who even knows the truth? – Where it all goes down – Outside, cold and ghosting out with jet lag – I took it to the right man – Took it all back

When the courts were closing – It was Bobby gracing – I know that

A bullet to the right man – He pulled it back – Caught in your eyes – Stacks of lights – Come streaming back 

Make it for the best times – Growing pains, good times


Around the world, around the world

[Daft Punk]

I hear all your raindrops falling this time – But they don’t come with everything teardrops on the line

Why don’t we ever know – But you still live inside – I hear all your raindrops falling this time

[DJ Shadow feat. G Jones & Bleep Bloop]

When I go out – I let my armour fall – And when they shout – I walk through the door

The sea’s blooming – I need to be gone – Through the tunnel – Kids are grown

Hairs not long – Who took the heat – Took the light – From me and my shadow

[Little Dragon]

Thunder thunder lightning ahead… long – Kiss you kiss you dark and long – Thunder thunder lightning ahead – Now I kiss you dark and long

Me I’m just a waitress she said – I went and bought a new head she said – I look at you I believe in you she said – Screaming into the eye of the lens

I want to smash it up – I want to break it down – I want a wall of tears… to wash away

Thunder thunder lightning ahead – Now I kiss you dark and long

Filled with tainted girls and motel frills – What a laugh – You was done up there mate – Shout your love – The stars are black – The church is sweet – My skin is hot


The baby was born – Nettles and Ferns – The evening it chokes – The candle it burns – This disguise covers – Bitter lies – Repeating the joke

The meaning it dies – Pass me a coat I’m not – Afraid to leave – I’m letting you know – I know what you need – I’ll turn you around – This beautiful town

And then you’ll believe it when your eyes then deceive you – It’s easy, don’t let it go – Don’t Lose It 

Its getting colder outside – Your rented space – They shadow box and they – Paper chase

It never stops – And we’ll never learn – No hope without dope

The jobless return – The bankers have bailed – The mighty retreat – The pleasure it fails

At the end of the week – You take it or leave – Or what you receive – Is eternised leave – Incandescent light at doors – In adolescent menopause

In little clicks you got the music stops – The needle sticks and the penny drops – The summer’s gone before you know – The muffled drums of relentless flow

You’re looking at stars that give you Vertigo – The sun’s still burning and dust will blow – Honey scars I’ll keep you near – Our blood is gold nothing to fear

We killed the time and I love you dear – A kiss of wine we’ll disappear – The last of the last particles – Divisible invisible 

[Massive Attack]

Neon lights – Shimmering neon lights – And at the fall of night – This city’s made of lights


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