episode #26 jazz romance

Spoken Word

John Keats: To Autumn (read by Ben Whishaw)


Louis Armstrong: The Dummy Song

Michael Sauer vs Phoneheads feat. Bill Ramsey: Why and When

Gorillaz (feat. George Benson): Humility

Natalie Cole: This Will Be

St Germain: Rose Rouge

GoGo Penguin: Quiet Mind

Nancy Wilson: Call Me

Belleruche: Ginger Wine

Nina Simone: This Year’s Kisses

Gabin(feat. Mia Cooper) : So Many Nights 

BADBADNOTGOOD (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson): In Your Eyes

Jazztronik: For You


I’ll take the legs from some old table  – I’ll take the arms from some old chair  – I’ll take the neck from some old bottle  – And from a horse I’ll take the hair 

I’ll take the hands and face from some old clock  – And baby when I’m through  – I’ll get more loving from the dumb-dumb-dummy  – Than I ever got from you 

Get me some legs get me a chair  – And a bottle, too – Give a horse give me some time  

[Louis Armstrong]

Why is life so strange – It could be a true exchange – Why not try – In yourself you find the key – Why not now

[Michael Sauer vs Phoneheads feat. Bill Ramsey]

Calling the world from isolation – Because right now, that’s the ball where we be chained

And if you’re coming back to find me – You’d better have good aim – Shoot it true

I need you in the picture  – That’s why I’m calling you (calling you) – I’m the lonely twin, the left hand

Reset myself and get back on track – I don’t want this isolation – See the state I’m in now?

If I pick it up when I know that it’s broken – Do I put it back? – Or do I head out on to the lonesome track and let you go?


Loving you, is some kind of wonderful – Because you show me, just how much you care

You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime – And made me believe you’ve got more thrills to spare, oh

This will be, an everlasting love, oh yes it will now – You’ve brought a lot of sunshine into my life

You’ve filled me with happiness I never knew – You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of

And no one, no one can take the place of you – This will be, you and me, eternally

Hugging and squeezing and kissing and pleasing – Together, forever, through rain or whatever 

So long as I’m living, true love I’ll be giving – To you I’ll be serving because you’re so deserving

[Natalie Cole]

Put your hands together one time – I want you to get together

[St Germain]

If you’re feeling sad and lonely – There’s a service I can render – Tell the one who loves you only

I can be so warm and tender – Call me – Don’t be afraid, you can call me

Maybe it’s late, but just call me – Tell me, and I’ll be around – When it seems your friends desert you

There’s somebody thinking of you – I’m the one who’ll never hurt you – Maybe that’s because I love you

Now don’t forget me – Because if you let me – I will always stay by you

You’ve got to trust me – That’s how it must be – There’s so much that I can do – If you call I’ll be right with you

You and I should be together – Take this love I long to give you – I’ll be at your side forever

[Nancy Wilson]

Maybe we can leave it all – Leave every bother at the shore – Come man the deck and warm your soul – Night is cool up here

Listen to the radio – Hear the tunes that coax the soul – As she hums and takes us to –  Another shore unknown

Salty winds that kiss my lips – Ginger wine upon I sip – Watch the moon wake the stars –  Take us to sunrise

I’m the stranger one can trust – Story ever safe in us – Tune into the radio – Another line we cross


This year’s crop of kisses – Don’t seem as sweet to me – This year’s crop just misses – What kisses used to be

This year’s new romance – Doesn’t seem to have a chance – Even helped by Mr. Moon above

This year’s crop of kisses is not for me – For I’m still wearing last year’s love.

[Nina Simone]

Pressure’s reminding me of the past now – Shadowy figures and doubts

The hour’s too late to have mercy on myself – I’m needing a friend, the play button’s waiting

One thought leads to another once the door’s open and – Unwelcome, they come rushing in

If I could go back in time now, all the words that I’d choose – What secrets would I reveal and whose?

Longing, I am reaching in the darkness for the light – Longing, I am reaching for some warmth on a cold winter night

So many nights, when I lose myself – So many nights on the shelf


Don’t blow me off so I can’t help it – When you shy off I can’t help it – Got you enticed from the middle – You know I’m willing and able

And I know you know it’s on when you’re ready – So just rid yourself of him and come get it

I know there’s something about me – That you can’t wait to just tell me 

And I love the way you move, it’s so bashful – So just take my hand because baby it’s natural

I’ll let you into my life – And I’ll show you, oh, when it’s right – Then I guess we can say we tried – Don’t let this fall by the side

Because I can’t, can’t leave – And I can’t, can’t wait- Because I see it in your eyes – And I feel it every time


Catch me – Like a bird over a water I am floating without border

There is nowhere I am headed – There is someone I am hoping to see   – I am almost there yet – why it’s you – no one but you in my view – just you

Water and wind over my shoulder it guides me to your harbour – Drifting like restless in motion

I want to prove that it’s worth the way to the day we meet uninterrupted – Nothing between us – I am making my way now across the world for you


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