episode #29 autumn time

Spoken Word

Michael Longley: Storm (read by Jeremy Irons)


Estelle: In The Rain

Little Dragon: After The Rain

Gorillaz: November Has Come

KLF: Make It Rain

Eddie Gale: The Rain

Smokey Robinson: Quiet Storm

Bill Withers: Ain’t No Sunshine

The Velvet Underground: Who Loves the Sun

Miles Davis[feat. Cannonball Adderley]: Autumn Leaves

Koop [feat. Yukimi Nagano]: Bright Nights

Röksopp: Beautiful Day without You

Nils Frahm: Over There, It’s Raining


And after the rain the temperature dropped – And covered in ice was my window top 

I say goodbye, I wave my hand – As a thousand doves fly – Across the blackened night

Behind the dream so rosy and red – A pile of things to forget – A voice of the past tiptoes in – A cracking, a ghost whispering

After the rain we forget – We make sure we gain, then we leave it – because were a nation of forgetters

People, where have you been? – Have you been hiding in your big houses?

And people, after the rain, will your life – Will it ever be the same?

People, what will you do – When your luck, when it turns on you?

People, after the rain, will your life – Will it ever be the same?

[Little Dragon]

Something is starting today  – Where did he go why you want it to be?  – Well you know November has come 


You’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting – We’ve been waiting so long – But the rain won’t come, the rain don’t come


I’m staring through the window while the rain is falling down – What’s the use of being here now you’ve just left this town? – Today?

It’s like life has lost it’s meaning since you are no longer here – Rain just keeps on falling, will the sky ever be clear?

Will the sun start shining like she used to shine – Is there a possibility someday you will be mine – Again?

Holding on to an illusion, it’s not the smartest thing to do – But I just can’t quit you baby because I’m so in love with you

The raining still falling down on me while I am feeling sad – Will it ever stop? because I’ve got no tears to shad. – No more.

Reality is bitter, it tastes no longer sweet – How I’m longing for the moment that we will ever meet – Again

[Eddie Gale]

Soft and warm, a quiet storm – Quiet as when flowers stalk at break of dawnm- A power source of tender force

Generating, radiating, turning me on – You short circuit all my nerves – Promising electric pains

You touch me and – Suddenly there’s rainbow rings – When you sigh, we can ride

A butterfly caught up in a hurricane – Lucky me, I’m glad I’m free – Suddenly I’m caught up in your summer rain

Shower me with your sweet love – I will bathe in every drop – Through all the seasons – Let it pour and never stop

Quiet storm blowing – Through my life – You’re just like a quiet storm blowing

Hail soft storms of loving me – Let them play on my desires – Kiss me softly – Let your lightening light my fire

Quiet storm blowing – Shower me with your sweet love – I will bathe in ever drop – Through all the seasons

You’re just like a quiet storm – Warm and tender, through my life – Quiet storm you’re blowing

[Smokey Robinson]

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone – It’s not warm when she’s away – And she’s always gone too long – Anytime she’s goes away

Wonder this time where she’s gone – Wonder if she’s gone to stay

And this house just ain’t no home – Anytime she goes away – Only darkness every day

[Bill Withers]

Who loves the sun – Who cares that it makes plants grow – Who cares what it does – Since you broke my heart

Who loves the wind – Who cares that it makes breezes – Who cares what it does – Since you broke my heart

Who loves the rain – Who cares that it makes flowers – Who cares that it makes showers – Since you broke my heart

[The Velvet Underground]

Bright nights, city lights – And we won’t leave soon – A favourite tune


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