episode #32 candle of love

Spoken Word

William Shakespeare: My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun recited by Alan Rickman


Hot Chip: Love Is The Future

Loleatta Holloway: Love Sensation

Sonny & Cher: Love Don’t Come

The Cure: Lovesong

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Lovely Creature

Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra: Love Is the Drug

Billie Holiday: Love Is Here to Stay

Carrie Cleveland: Love Will Set You Free

Gorillaz: Busted and Blue

Oscar Peterson: Love for Sale

Ennio Morricone: Love Theme Cinema Paradiso

The Drifters: White Christmas


You know I find a sadness – In dark, in dark of night – Alone and I’m wondering

Wondering for something so right – When I’m with you, we’re only losing time – Drinking the hours, as I pour you and you sip from mine 

When I’m with you, what’s real is out of mind – Dreaming is binding, stay close to me as we redefine 

We’ve been staying up all night – Been just deleting the days

Something happens at midnight – When the world is torn and frayed

I’m in love with the daylight – But find it hard when rearranged – Nothing’s better than stage fright

We turn heads as we turn on a phrase – Our love is the future – I thought we would never see

Let’s move to the future – Where you can connect with me

[Hot Chip]

You got me burning up with your love sensation – Sweet sensation, I can’t find the words to explain – You’re such a hot temptation

You just walk right in and take me away – You got the kind of lips that touch me – A love really mine

And all I want to say is – Thank you baby, because you’re right on time

[Loleatta Holloway]

The poets and the Socrates was bounding out – Their eulogies about what to do – The troops with their tangled hair were proven

That they didn’t care about nothing new – And if any body claim being king – Would strum guitars – And start to sing, but they were fooled

The vacuum of their fantasies – Had discover the fact – You see that chaos rules – Everybody run and bare

Not exactly knowing where or why or who – Chasing kicks that no one gets – Kissing on her silhouettes of faded blue

Trying to blow one’s smoke in air – Her favorite answer I don’t care – It was useless to

And when the sun would start to fade – This ritual circus of charades would start anew

Love don’t come don’t call my name again – I can’t play cause I don’t know how to win

Too bad to and hand in hand they stride – I got wind and rain for my future bright

[Sonny & Cher]

However far away – However long I stay – Whatever words I say – I will always love you

Whenever I’m alone with you – You make me feel like I am free again

Whenever I’m alone with you – You make me feel like I am clean again

[The Cure]

Over hills, this lovely creature – Over mountains, over ranges – By great pyramids and sphinxes

We met drifters and strangers – the sands, my lovely creature – And the mad, moaning winds – At night the deserts writhed – With diabolical things

Through the night – The wind lashed and it whipped me

When I got home, my creature – Was no longer with me

Somewhere she lies, this lovely creature – Beneath the slow drifting sands – With her hair full of ribbons – And green gloves on her hands

[Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds]

Aggravated – spare for days – I troll downtown the red light place – Jump up bubble up – what’s in store – Love is the drug and I need to score

Late that night I park my car – Stake my place in the singles bar – Face to face, toe to toe – Heart to heart…

[Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra]

The radio and the telephone – And the movies that we know – May just be passing fancies – And in time may go

It’s very clear – Our love is here to stay – Not for a year – But ever and a day

[Billie Holiday]

Where does it come from? – When everything was outside – Busted and blue – How in the universe – Through the lithium

I was asked by a computer – A shadow on the wall – An image made by Virgil – To rule over us all – To amplify the sirens

And to find real amends – I’m through the echo-chambers – To other worlds away

Where do they come from? – The wires that connect to us – Weightless and fall on your body

Until we’re invisible – I’m with you throughout it, choose – Busted and blue

All my life – Beam a light – On me, I am a satellite – And I can’t get back without you – Be my love


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