episode #44 March

Spoken Word

James Franco: I Was Born Into a World read by James Franco


Martina Topley-Bird: Da Da Da Da

Gorillaz (feat. Peven Everett): Strobelite

Hot Chip: Need You Now

Kylie Minogue: Slow

Moloko: Day For Night

Holy Other: Your Love

Röyksopp: So Easy

Lana Del Rey: Body Electric

Agnes Obel: Golden Green

Nostalgia 77: Hush

The Oscar Peterson Trio: I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good


Momentary pain – Can be pleasure lain – Will a second change? – Magic lantern strange

Are we just too far, to be as one again? – Are we obsidian? – Is this how it is?

When you’re driving night is dreaming – Living the strobe light – And you will find the life you needed

Living the strobe light – Slide the light off you – You may find some peace – All will come to you – If you come with me

And when you got it – See it in your dreams – You get hit by the strobe light – You’ve got to find it, we all need it


Tired of being myself – Caught up in this world – I never dreamed I could belong – To a state that don’t see right from wrong

I never dreamed I would belong – To your place

Tired up in disgrace – How can we keep a man so long – Waiting for a fate – Stripped of all our hearts

Never dreamed we would belong – In a world, a world that’s just gone wrong – And if we try to stand alone

We’ll be playing with a force beyond control – Our faces pressed against the glass – In the knowledge you belong to us

[Hot Chip]

Our eyes connected – Now nothing’s how it used to be – No second guessing – Track in on this feeling

Pull focus close up, you and me – Nobody’s leaving – Got me affected – Spun me 180 degrees – It’s so electric

[Kylie Minogue]

Not just a passer by  – I’m going to stay awhile, – I like your peep show – Magnetised I saw you in the window

I’ve been watching you  – Don’t know what else to do – Trust me I’m sensitive intensive  – I’ll never let you go

No need to be afraid – Release yourself to me  – I saw you on your own  – No need to be alone

I saw your eyes on fire – The desire won’t release you – I go where you go to  – I have to follow you – Look behind you

Relax and let me hypnotise  – Hubble bubble you know my trouble – Turn out the lights – Day for night


So easy – Blue on blue – Heartache on heartache – Blue on blue – Now that we are through


We don’t need nobody, because we got each other – Or at least I pretend

We get down every Friday night – Dancing and grinding in the pale moonlight – feeling alright

Mary prays the rosary for my broken mind

My clothes still smell like you – And all the photographs say you’re still young – I pretend I’m not hurt

And go about the world like I’m having fun – I’m on fire – Sing the body electric

[Lana Del Rey]

All I have or should  – want to be but never could –  All my eyes can see is – born out of your imagery

I’m going to leave my mind with you – I know, I see, I want to be just free

I know, it craves, it’s running through my veins – To spoil my soul with fire

Tell me who you really love – Who are you to take over my mind – with your eyes on me

All for you I am climbing the sky – of golden green

[Agnes Obel]