Sesimbra, Setúbal, Portugal

Veronika spent summer and autumn in a picturesque Sesimbra, a few years ago. Water, wind and sun.

Delicious patisserie bar ‘Pastelaria Marzul “TOMÉ” bar” is located on the corner close to beach in the centre, the space is not flashy or sparkly. Such a “bar” classic – imagine a company where you can have a cup of coffee, more or less any other drink and something to eat, the interior has been functional for several decades without the need to change anything.

The best bakery ‘Padaria Do Gá – Panificação, Lda’. 

Above all, Sesimbra is a fisherman’s village surrounded by hills and ocean. The brilliant place where to stop and enjoy stillness. A very good restaurant, Lobo do Mar, is in a fisherman’s bay/ wharf. Nearby is also “a hidden” Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo beach.