Bergamo, Lombardy (Italy)


Bergamo airport is five minutes walk from the shopping centre called OREO. There, you can find everything, literally everything, thus, my advice, before the flight back, go to the shopping centre and buy what you need: cheese, more cheese, prosciutto, wine… eat a slice of pizza in one of “fast food” on the top floor, or COOP supermarket and have a cup of coffee in a café on the same way as COOP is located in front of the toilets and next to Intimissimi and Calcedonia.

How to get to Bergamo

From Airport – bus stop number ‘1’, the one way ticket is €2.40 and it takes about 30 minutes to a city centre train station (depends on traffic). There is also a bus station, thus, the main point if you want to get around (Milano, Como, etc.)

Book train in advance via Treni Italia there is also an app, thus, you can just download the app and voila! Or use Train Line also available as app.

Where to eat

There are many places and you might not go wrong, but… pizza… pizza napoletana… from the one and only Pizzeria da Enzo 26, from Friday to Monday is open after 6.30pm, Tuesday – Thursday 11.45am – 2.30pm, and again from 6.30pm. Pizza is so delicious you want to have more and more, and it might be too much but never enough. Be aware it is a street food, no restaurant. Obviously, you can eat in (there are three bar tables with seats), they do also deliver or you just take your order out and eat under trees.

Trattoria – places where you eat dinner, they do not open before dinner time, i.e. not earlier than 7 o’clock, one of the most popular among locals (in the locals’ area) is Trattoria d’Ambrosio.

Every Saturday markets, all around the city, the best is in front of the football stadium – Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia, Viale Giulio Cesare, 18, 24124 Bergamo BG, Italy.

You can buy a stone oven baked bread, buy the whole loaf (the “bakery” is in the front row on a left side if you are facing the stadium), there are many fruit, veg, cheese, and meat producers as well as some textile.

Città Alta

Surrounded by Alps, up on the top of a hill is the ‘Old Town’. Of course this location is “the main & popular” part of the city, where everyone goes. There are many bars/ cafés in Italy, they serve spritz, wine, and [kaphaé] – the meaning is espresso, you drink it ‘on a bar’ within a few moments, or you sit with tabloid and probably or not ask for aperitivo later on).

There are many galleries and museums, events are happening all around the town, people are used to live and enjoy the time out “dolce far niente”.

Lake Como (and city Como)

Argegno, a small village alongside the lake Como, is so beautiful, picturesque. You will find this villaggio opposite the well-known city Como.