episode #58 fauna in June

Gardens are overflowing with life at the moment. All the shrubs, bushes, trees and flower beds have exploded and are getting out of control. There’s a lot of bird activity in the garden, busy parents and greedy youngsters are up from early mornings.

Nature in June is divine.

Spoken word

William Blake: The Birds read by The Wordman


Moenia: Lado Animal

Massive Attack: Butterfly Caught

Angel Obel: Bee Dance

Gorillaz: The Snake in Dallas

Mr Scruff: Cat & Mouse (Version 2)

Alice Russell: Mirror Mirror On The Wolf ‘Tell The Story Right’

Belleruche: Cat in a dog suit

GoGo Penguin: Weird Cat

Bonobo: Animals

Jazztronik: Butterfly Dance

Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch: South Sea Dreams

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