SoundCloud loaded

Another good news! SoundCloud is loaded with TtBLG episodes #50 golden times, #52 wonders of the world, and #54 Platonic love.

Veronika truly caught up with time and theoretical duties towards TtBLG listeners. She was not enjoying the sun sitting in a garden and listening the birds song. Unfortunately, she was kept awake by mew and huoh-huoh sound of seagulls, frustrated by world and angry with life (circumstances she cannot affect). Anyway, life is filled with obstacles as well as advantages. As she has learnt so many times, especially in the last year. Yet every time hoping for the better and more relaxed days… of course, who does not? And so we shall all stop, look around and enjoy dies caniculares! Because the 1564 English Hope of Health counselled that not only purging should be avoided during the “Dogge daies” of summer because “the Sunne is in Leo” and “then burnt & made weak”. The 1729 British Husbandman’s Practice claimed that “The Heat of the Sun is so violent that Men’s bodies at Midnight sweat as at Midday: and if they be hurt, they be more sick than at any other time, yea very near Dead”. It therefore advised men to “abstain all this time from women” and to “take heed of feeding violently”.

Happy listening.