episode #65 space, cosmos, universe

Have you ever wondered what’s beyond the known limits? What’s past the edge of our maps? 

If the universe is infinite in size, you don’t really need to worry about this conundrum. But even if the universe is finite, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is an edge or an outside. It could be that our three-dimensional universe is embedded in some larger, multidimensional construct. That’s perfectly fine and is indeed a part of some exotic models of physics. (Paul M. Sutter for space.com)

Spoken word

Paula Meehan: The Solace of Artemis (read by Gabriel Byrne)


Blur: Far Out 

Kraftwerk: Computer World 

Suzanne Kraft: Femme Cosmic

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Greenwich Mean Time

Pink Floyd: Eclipse

Florence + The Machine: 100 Years

David Bowie: Space Oddity

Daft Punk: Horizon

Bonobo (feat. Bajka): Walk In The Sky 

BADBADNOTGOOD:  Time Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring)

Boards of Canada: Satellite Anthem Icarus

Beastie Boys: Transitions

Aphex Twin: Nannou 2

Arrested Development: Eve Of Reality

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