episode #67 period of harvest

Harvest, the season of the gathering of crops. The word is derived from the Anglo-Saxon haerfest (“autumn”) or the Old High German herbist. Harvest has been a season of joy from the oldest times. The Romans had their Ludi Cereales, or feasts in honour of Ceres, the goddess of agriculture/ crops. The Druids celebrated their harvest on 1st November. 

Many harvest-related customs have their origin in the animistic belief in a spirit such as the Corn Mother or Rice Mother.

There are about 24 fish festivals held around the UK’s coastal towns and villages, from Anglesey to Dorset to Rye Bay in East Sussex, where local scallops are on offer. Whitstable holds ceremonies to bless the seas during the town’s annual July oyster festival.

Goose Fairs were held across the country, including a famous one in Nottingham. 


Freak Power: Waiting For The Story To End

Hot Ice: Dancing Free (Re-edit)

Loleatta Holloway: Dance What ‘Cha Wanna’

Nathan Haines feat. Verna Francis: Earth Is The Place 

Jamiroquai: You Give Me Something

Gabin: A Vida è Agora

Bonnie Tyler: Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Mink DeVille: Spanish Stroll

Stereo MC’s: Chicken Shake

SBTRKT feat. Koreless: Osea

Willie Nelson: Blue Skies

The Cinematic Orchestra: Lullaby

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