episode #82 treasures of Wirral

Hoylake the name Hoylake was derived from Hoyle Lake

West Kirby “Kirby” is an old Norse (Viking) name, meaning ‘church-town’ originally Kirkjubyr, meaning ‘village with a church’. The form with the modifier “West” exists to distinguish it from the other town of the same name in Wirral: Kirkby-in-Walea (now the modern town of Wallasey). 

Port Sunlight Name Lever Brothers soap factory, the name is derived from Lever’s most popular brand of cleaning agent, Sunlight.

Birkenhead the name Birkenhead is possibly from the Old English bircen meaning birch tree, of which many once grew on the headland at Woodside. 

Spoken word

Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy (read by Benedict Cumberbatch)


Al Di Meola: Short Tales of the Black Forest

Jazztronik: Sign of Tomorrow

Jamiroquai: Destitute Illusions

Silent Poets: Le Poss D

John Barry: The Persuaders Theme

Zero 7: Destiny

Ólafur Arnalds: Gleypa Okkur

Nino Rota: Blues / La dolce vita dei nobili

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