episode #91 a year of tiger

Marine Lake, West Kirby
WWF, Sunda Tiger

Modern societies typically measure years and months by the sun: earth’s complete rotation around the sun is one year. However, many ancient societies first began to measure time by the phases of the moon! This is the origin of the lunar calendar. 

The Chines new year or Spring Festival is a time of change and new beginnings. Practically every activity during the Spring Festival has the purpose of removing the old and welcoming the new. Forget about the misfortunes and be ready for good luck. In addition, new clothes are auspicious and can protect you from evil spirits. When buying clothes for Chinese New Year, go for red. This is the best colour for the occasion. Stay away from black and white, as they are unlucky and negative.

The name of 2022 is the Yang Black Water Tiger. Black is connected to Water.

Tiger is the third animal sign of 12 Earthly Branches. Tiger is in the Wood group according to the Chinese Five Element theory. Tiger is Yang-Wood, which is the big tree in the spring. Tiger month is February, the beginning month of the spring season. The weather is still a little cold. The Wood of Tiger waits for the warm weather to grow up. Tiger is a carnivore. It is often alone, not gregarious, and difficult to get along. Tiger has a domineering temper and authoritative air. The characteristics of Tiger are bold, resolute, unyielding, dictatorial, arbitrary, ambitious, and full of self-confidence.

Yang-Wood of Tiger is related to tall trees, large Wood structures, or landmarks. Tiger also contains some Yang-Fire, which is connected to the sun, mighty power, or public figure. So Tiger has good leadership. It can start a business from scratch. It usually will suffer growing pain. Tiger likes the heat of Yin-Fire and Fire of Horse to bring up its energy. Tiger doesn’t like Pig and Monkey to bring down its passion and vitality.

Chinese New Year taboos

Don’t sweep up on New Year’s Day, otherwise you’ll ‘sweep all your luck away’.

Don’t eat porridge for breakfast, otherwise you’ll ‘become poor in the upcoming year’.

Don’t wash your clothes and hair (on New Year’s Day), otherwise you’ll ‘wash fortune away’.

Do not clean or sweep – Before the Spring Festival, there is a day of cleaning. That is to sweep away the bad luck. But during the actual celebration, it becomes a taboo. Cleaning or throwing out garbage may sweep away good luck instead.

If you must, make sure to start at the outer edge of a room and sweep inwards. Bag up any garbage and throw it away after the 5th day. Similarly, you shouldn’t take a shower on Chinese New Year’s Day.

Do not use scissors, knives or other sharp objects

There are 2 reasons behind this rule. Scissors and needles shouldn’t be used. In olden times, this was to give women a well-deserved break.

Sharp objects in general will cut your stream of wealth and success. This is why 99% of hair salons are closed during the holidays. Hair cutting is taboo and forbidden until Lunar 2nd February when all festivities are over.

Avoid taking medicine,  don’t visit the doctor or don’t perform/ undergo surgery

Try not to take medicine during the Spring Festival to avoid being sick the entire year. Of course, if you are chronically ill or contract a sudden serious disease, immediate health should still come first.

Spoken Word

Paul Muldoon: Zoological Positivism Blues (read by Gabriel Byrne) 


Abdullah Ibrahim: Black Lighting

Louis Armstrong: Tiger Rag

Thundercat feat. Steve Lacy, Steve Arrington & Childish Gambino: Black Qualls

Health: Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix)

Bonobo: Ten Tigers

Nu Yorican Soul: I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4Hero Mix)

Miles Davis: Bye Bye Blackbird

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