episode #93 fashion weeks

Boris Hanecka: Porcelain Doll, CFC, 2016

Fashion week initiates the two major seasons, in January and February, designers showcase their fall and winter collections while in September and October they present their Spring & Summer collections for the fashion press, retail buyers, and others with influence in the fashion world. Although there are many fashion weeks around the world, only four are known as the “Big” ones: Paris, Milan, London and New York. There are primarily two kinds of shows, those of womenswear and menswear. There are also shows particular to each location. For example, most haute couture shows are held only in Paris, while most bridal shows are held in New York. What is more, recent designers, brands or “houses” show inter-seasonal collections between the traditional Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons, such as the Resort/Cruise (before Spring/Summer) and the Pre-Fall (before Fall/Winter). There is no fixed schedule for these shows, but they typically happen three months after the main season shows. 


David Bowie: Fashion

Kraftwerk: The Model

The Black Eyes Peas: Showdown

Jamiroquai: Starchild

Madonna: Vogue

George Michael: Freedom

TM Juke & Jack Baker Trio: Party Favours

Freak Power: Moonbeam Woman

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66: So Many Stars

Jazztronik: Le Modele Aux Trois Visages

Angelo Badalamenti: Blue Velvet/ Blue Star

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