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Cows in greenery, Maloja, Switzerland

In ancient Egypt, it was sacred to Bastet, the goddess of the home, fertility, and childbirth. They were a protective soul and defender of women and children. Cats are signified by fertility, resourcefulness, curiosity and provocation. Cats are the embodiment of supernatural grace with a foot into the spiritual realm, they’re known to be loving companions on the condition that their autonomy is never violated. 

In Hebrew folklore, Lilith was banished from the Garden for refusing to submit herself to her partner Adam – after which she shapeshiftered into a black vampire cat and sought revenge. For some, Lilith represents a woman’s defence of her independence and equal worth. For others, Lilith’s radical act is part of the reason why black cats are seen as demonic beings who shouldn’t be trusted.

Further, cats are a symbol of rebirth because of the saying that they possess nine lives. Aside from that, cats patiently wait for their prey; thus, they can also signify patience. Plus, they can also represent courage and adventure because of their courageous and adventurous nature. As nocturnal creatures, cats are also associated with darkness.  In some cultures, it’s also associated with the feminine, the moon, and the power of transformation.


They are closely associated with provision and very earth-associated in symbolism. The cow is also a lunar symbol, aligning itself with feminine (yin) qualities among the Chinese yin-yang energies. Cow also represents the symbol of power, nurturing, and fertility. Other meanings behind the cow include steadfastness, compassion, and perception.

The Egyptian goddess Nut is sometimes depicted with the cow having four stars on its belly. This represents the four cosmic quadrants of the earth, and the respective flavour each directional energy freely flows through each of these corners. Hathor, the Great Mother goddess of joy, was considered the nourisher of all things. She was originally a personification of the Milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow. She was also considered a protective goddess and an emblem of royalty.

In Norse mythology the cow makes an appearance as Audhumla whose utters emitted the four rivers of power – these provided nourishment for the giants (primarily the first giant, Ymir) that ruled the First World.

In Vedic literature the cow is also a symbol of abundance and fertility as it represents both earth and sky.

To Hindus and Buddhists, symbolism of the cow deals with patience and holiness. It is considered India’s most sacred animal. The calm, tender nature of the cow wins this right among the Buddhists.

Spoken word

Edgar Allan Poe: Black Cat (read by Christopher Lee)


Mr Scruff: Cat & Mouse (version 2)

Belleruche: Cat in a Dog Suit

Parov Stelar: Catgroove

GoGo Penguin: Weird Cat

Friends From Rio 1 feat. Cellia Vaz: Francisco Cat

The Cinematic Orchestra: A Caged Bird – Imitations of Life

Röyksopp: Forsaken Cowboy

Ennio Morricone: Cat [From the movie ‘Il Gatto]

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