here I come!

A British shorthair cat sleeping

Good day to everyone, my name is Nefertiti and I speak for myself, not like Veronika, she speaks about herself in a third person. I might have been born recently (in the year of Water Tiger!) but I have already discovered a whole new world. I arrived to this new home at the beginning of November 2022. They needed me desperately! They needed a true queen of ravishment. Do not be mistaken, she (let’s call her, for my purposes, V) is awesome, honestly, she plays with me a lot, she is teaching me many things what he (from now and on I will call him A) does not really approve (but this statement is valid also vice versa). What is more, V is cleaning after me (and that’s not every time an easy job, because I get, without a difficulty, distracted by even the slightest possibility to have fun, … isn’t it better to play than to flash a toilet, or something like that?). As you can see V is my lady-in-waiting (someone might say). A is the protector, the silent power, the solid base, who cherishes me, cuddles me and plays with me as much as he can when he can. I enjoy very much his massages, A is so strong. Purr purr purr.

Now you know everything needed about them, you know I’m happy & pampered (too much? Never enough!) and you know where to find me (here, this is my virtual space! So, watch it, if you feel like it).



Nefi - British shorthair cat - sitting on a wall in not matching collar and lead.

Yeah, I know, such a beau and in mismatched collar and lead! There is still a lot of space for improvement… never give up your dreams & hopes!