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A civilisation of great advances, the legacy of the Ancient Egyptians is evident in many aspects of our lives today.

The ancient Egyptian craftsmen have existed in Egypt since prehistoric times which the main materials used were stones, clay, wood, fibres, ivory, animal skins, bones, and feathers. Later on during the history of Ancient Egypt metal was introduced in the crafting process, gold was found in its metallic state, silver was used as an adjunct of gold and ore was used after being smelted, they also used copper, tin, and iron.

In ancient Egypt, all arts and crafts served one purpose: the Pharaoh. And the Pharaoh served one purpose: to ensure that the Nile overflowed its banks each year to flood the soil, fertilising it so the crops would grow. The Pharaoh accomplished this by adhering to specific religious practices and performing rituals and sacrifices to honour Egypt’s many gods and gain their favour to give the Pharaoh and his people life. The Pharaohs ensured that all arts and crafts were consistent and conveyed some religious and social message. This was part of their propaganda to spread a uniform message on religious and social issues across the kingdom.

The quality of art and craft items were based on their simplicity and sophistication. Artists preferred the use of lines to express their art in the right proportions. Flat areas on art items were also used extensively. This was the signature style of ancient Egyptian art and craft. In ancient Egypt, arts and crafts were intended to appease the Pharaoh. The Egyptians excelled at stone work, painting and metal work. They could pull huge granite columns and obelisks from the very rock using extremely primitive yet inventive techniques. Ancient Egyptian crafts and arts remained almost unchanged in the next thousand years until the Greek and later Roman conquest of Egypt when the occupiers began to use the artisans for their own purposes and less for the Pharaonic system of art for the state.

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