a change in the TtBLG schedule


A new change of the TtBLG schedule due to Veronika’s active engagement in other activities (mainly full time job). Thus, a new episode of the TtBLG midnight radio show is aired every other week. This new schedule has started with a beginning of spring 2023. In other words, since 18th March 2023 a new TtBLG episode is aired fortnightly.

The preparation of TtBLG takes time and Veronika hopes to avoid as many speechless episode as possible. The ‘tunes & sounds’ episodes take time also, of course. Hopefully, we can all agree that if there is no fun… such a task is harder and more exhausting… and, what is more, most likely the outcome won’t be such a fun to listen to.

Thank you, kind listener, for understanding and appreciation.