A new TtBLG schedule

Kind listeners,

Veronika is expecting some turbulence in her life, well in a matter of her energy.

She is (or was) struggling to accept that to live with B12 deficiency can be limited, what is more, she naively thought that with injections her life will return to the same state she was used to. Dear listeners, by now you might guess that she is (or was) mistaken. She is still optimistic and hoping she gets stronger because she hasn’t dismissed the idea of posting more stories & thoughts, and creating more fun (understand any handwork, craft, etc.)

Yet, she has not completely accepted that she will never be the same as many friends and folks remember her, mostly because she is just starting to understand what does is mean to have a health condition… and so, no matter what Veronika wants, she has to slow down and be more efficient. In other words, she has to plan ahead all activities (not to do everything just because it’s in five minutes done – that is not working anymore) including relaxing time (she is still struggling to add relaxing time into her schedule).

Anyway, her struggle means that she had to cut down production of TtBLG to once a month. Everything takes time and energy, and sometime we just have to step back and give us time to recover.

Thus, a new TtBLG episode is aired every last Saturday midnight (i.e. Sunday 12-1am) and repeat every Saturday midnight.