Friuli, Lombardy (Italy)

Città Alta, BergamoBergamoCittà Alta, BergamoCittà Alta, BergamoCittà Alta, BergamoCittà Alta, BergamoArgegnoArgegnoArgegnolago di Cavazzo Bergamo Bergamo airport is five minutes walk from the shopping centre called OREO. There, you can find everything, literally everything, thus, my advice, before the flight back, go to the shopping centre and buy what you need: cheese, more cheese, prosciutto, wine…… Continue reading Friuli, Lombardy (Italy)

Sesimbra, Setúbal, Portugal

Veronika spent summer and autumn in picturesque Sesimbra. Water, wind and sun. Delicious a patisserie bar ‘Pastelaria Marzul "TOMÉ" bar” - on the corner right in the centre, the space is not flashy or tanned. Such a "bar" classic - imagine a company where you can have coffee, more or less any other drink and… Continue reading Sesimbra, Setúbal, Portugal