episode #148 crafts of ancient China

Photo by SAM LIM on Pexels.com Most scholars now believe that isolated civilisations first arose independently at several locations; initially in Mesopotamia around Tigris and Euphrates rivers and, a little later, in Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean. Other civilisations arose in Asia along the Indus River in modern India and the Yellow River in what… Continue reading episode #148 crafts of ancient China

episode #146 inventions of ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptian board game: Jackals and Hounds, museumfacts.co.uk The pharaohs of Egypt presided over a huge kingdom for thousands of years, taming vast stretches of wilderness, erecting monuments that have stood the test of time, and creating stories that have since become legends. Ancient Egypt also had an immense cultural impact on surrounding ancient… Continue reading episode #146 inventions of ancient Egypt

episode #145 crafts of ancient Egypt

experience-ancient-egypt.com A civilisation of great advances, the legacy of the Ancient Egyptians is evident in many aspects of our lives today. The ancient Egyptian craftsmen have existed in Egypt since prehistoric times which the main materials used were stones, clay, wood, fibres, ivory, animal skins, bones, and feathers. Later on during the history of Ancient… Continue reading episode #145 crafts of ancient Egypt

episode #144 the oldest craft & tools

Citations from a website Ancient Craft an amazing project launched by Dr James Dilley and Emma Jones. As they state “AncientCraft is a heritage service providing replica prehistoric artefacts, living history demonstrations, workshops and consultation for museums and media. AncientCraft's goal is to make prehistoric archeology more accessible to everyone.” Flintknapping is the oldest craft… Continue reading episode #144 the oldest craft & tools

episode #143 prehistoric materials

A material that rarely survives from the earlier end of prehistory is wood. It could be argued that much of prehistory could be considered the “Wood Age” due to its common use in tools, shelters, walls and more permanent buildings. It is generally considered that timber would have always been readily available in prehistoric Europe.… Continue reading episode #143 prehistoric materials

episode #142 prehistoric crafts

The oldest stone tools date to around 3.3 million years ago. The simple tools were found at Lake Turkana, Kenya from 2012 - 2014 by archaeologists from a number of institutions. It is thought the tools were made by Australopithecus afarensis or Kenyanthropus platyops, based on the age of the tools which was established by… Continue reading episode #142 prehistoric crafts