ep #123 daydreaming

Daydreaming definition according to Cambridge Dictionary: the activity of thinking about pleasant things that you would like to do or have happen to you, instead of thinking about what is happening now. A daydreaming is when a person’s attention drifts to a more personal and internal direction.  Daydreaming was long held in disrepute in society… Continue reading ep #123 daydreaming

episode #122 fairy tales

Andre Edouard Marty: Les ailes dans le vent, 1919 The origin of fairy tales dates back thousands of years. There are many different names for these tales - wonder tale, magic tale, fairy story or Märchen. Fairy tales may be distinguished from other folk narratives such as legends (which generally involve belief in the veracity of… Continue reading episode #122 fairy tales

episode #121 origin of life

Billions of years ago, Earth, along with the rest of our solar system, was entirely unrecognisable, existing only as an enormous cloud of dust and gas. There are many models, but little consensus, on how life emerged from non-living chemicals.  Lightning may have provided the spark needed for life to begin. Electric sparks can generate… Continue reading episode #121 origin of life

episodes #119 & #120 tunes

TtBLG episode #120 music Max Roach: Parisian Sketches DJ Shadow: What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 2 Röyksopp: A long, Long Way Hans Zimmer: Waiting for a Train TtBLG episode #120 music Jazztronik: Sunshine Bag Raiders: Sunlight Barrio Jazz Gang: Safe Under The Sun Sheila Landis: Summertime Zero 7: Salt Water Sound Silent Poets:… Continue reading episodes #119 & #120 tunes

episode #118 origin of Earth

he Universe is time, space, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. — in the form of either mass or energy. It consists of billions of galaxies; each galaxy consisting of billions of stars and their solar systems, and each solar system further consisting of many planets and their satellites. Just a simple sneak-peek into Wikipedia of the… Continue reading episode #118 origin of Earth

episode #117 Gaia theory

James Lovelock was one of the most influential scientists of our time, he worked for the British government during the second world war and later for NASA on the Mars Viking mission. It was then that he was inspired to develop the Gaia Hypothesis, the idea that the Earth is a massively interconnected, self-regulating system.… Continue reading episode #117 Gaia theory

episode #116 style icons

The "fashion leaders" of past generations were those in the very highest society-royalty, aristocrats, and their wives and mistresses, such as Napoleon's wife Josephine,  the Prince Regent, the famous Beau Brummel, King Edward VII and his elegant wife Alexandra and many of his mistresses (Madame Standish of Paris, who was the first to wear the… Continue reading episode #116 style icons