episode #102 interesting Wirral

Marine Lake, West Kirby, UK The name Wirral literally means "myrtle corner", from the Old English wir, a myrtle tree, and heal, an angle, corner or slope. It is supposed that the land was once overgrown with bog myrtle, a plant no longer found in the area, but plentiful around Formby, to which Wirral would… Continue reading episode #102 interesting Wirral

episode #101 European fashion since 1900

Hanuš Lamr In the Western world continued the severe, long and elegant lines of the late 1890s. Tall, stiff collars characterise the period, as do women's broad hats and full "Gibson Girl" hairstyles. The fashionable silhouette in the early 20th century was that of a confident woman, with full low chest and curvy hips. The… Continue reading episode #101 European fashion since 1900

episode #100 TtBLG centenary

A synonymous pair that derives from the same ancient source without a difference in meaning is a bit more uncommon, but that’s exactly (and fairly obviously) what we find with centenary and centennial, words that mean “a 100th anniversary or its celebration.” Both words can be used as adjectives as well as nouns. They ultimately… Continue reading episode #100 TtBLG centenary

episode #98 let the music play

Music Daft Punk: Give Life Back to Music Panach: Sweet Jazz Music Koop: Drum Rhythm A (Music For Ballet Exercises) The Nostalgia 77 Octet: Musical Slit Patrice Rushen: Music of the Earth Jamiroquai: music of the Wind Towa Tei: Everything We Do Is Music G. Love & Special Sauce: Blues Music F.R. David: Music Boards… Continue reading episode #98 let the music play

episode #87 move your body

Maloja, Switzerland The most famous oracle of all time, Nostradamus, (Michel de Nostradame) predicted various misfortunes for the year that has just begun. “Great calamities of blood and hunger”, begins the page dedicated to the year 2022. “No abbots, monks, no novices to learn; Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax” “So high the price of… Continue reading episode #87 move your body

episode #86 drifting

To drift comes from Middle English, drove, herd, act of driving; Meaning Something moving along in a current of air or water: a drift of logs in the river, a balloon drifting eastward; as the wreckage drifted toward shore. "The leaves were blowing in the wind"; "the boat drifted on the lake"; "The sailboat was… Continue reading episode #86 drifting

the first attempts & errors

New schedule. 08/05 May is coming and brings new episodes airing times modification. Veronika needs to get involved in more productive activities. Change of daily rutine is predictable and inevitable. Lazy, calm and blissful uncontrolled chaos comes to the end.  TtBLG is going to be aired only on Fridays (Saturdays) midnights and repeated the following… Continue reading the first attempts & errors